Why should you consider a CPR class?
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Heart disease and stroke—the main components of
cardiovascular disease—are leading causes of death for both
men and women in the U.S and Canada (nearly 40%).

Everyone should know the signs and symptoms of heart attack
and stroke and the importance of calling 9-1-1 quickly.  Family
members of victims who are at risk for heart attack should take
CPR training and be familiar with the use of an automated
external defibrillator (AED).

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death
among adults in North America.  When sudden cardiac arrest
occurs, most victims have an abnormal heart rhythm called
ventricular defibrillation.*  Unless a shock is delivered to the
heart to restore the normal rhythm, brain death can occur within
minutes.  This requires the use of an AED or rapid 9-1-1
response with EMT or paramedics providing defibrillation.  
Effective CPR provides some circulation to the heart and brain
and “buys time” until defibrillation can occur or the underlying
cause of the arrest can be determined and addressed.

A simple community based CPR class will provide you with
instruction on:

  •  Recognizing signs and symptoms of heart attack or
    stroke and calling 9-1-1

  •  How to check if someone needs CPR and calling 9-1-1

  •  How to perform CPR and use an AED

  •  How to recognize a choking victim and perform
    abdominal thrusts (Heimlich)

  •  How to help children or grandchildren if they need rescue
    breathing, CPR, or relief of choking

Contact us to schedule a CPR class for your family, neighbors
or small group.

We’ll bring the training to your location!  
Lots of hands-on practice time, no written exams, no book
purchase necessary—just a desire to learn; makes course more
affordable and enjoyable.

*Excerpt from American Safety & Health Institute CPR and AED
for the Community and Workplace®
Medical Training Solutions