Military Medical Training
Medical Training Solutions

qualified instructors for its military courses.  All MTS military
instructors are Special Forces Medics, Certified Emergency
Nurses, or Paramedics with extensive field experience.  All of
our TCCC instructors have been forward deployed for military

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

TCCC is a  two-day, intensive course of instruction designed for
personnel who will be deploying to combat zones or high risk
areas.  TCCC is taught by instructors experienced in trauma
and emergency medicine.  Topics include Care Under Fire,
Tactical Field Care, and Casualty Evacuation.  The course
includes a practical exercise with realistic scenarios, in which
proven field techniques are practiced until they become second

This course is ideal for personnel with little or no medical
training.  It is also appropriate as a refresher for experienced
medical providers, who will get a chance to update their skills
with the latest medical techniques.

Length:  16 hours

For a printable presentation on TCCC
click here.

Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine is a course on non-violent medical threats to
personnel deploying to remote areas.  Covered topics include
likely health threats, preventative medicine, and techniques for
avoiding disease and infection.

Length:  4 hours