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About the course:  First Aid includes both video and power
point presentations, but the emphasis is on practical skills and
hands-on training.  Casual dress that allows freedom of
movement, bending, kneeling, sitting, or standing is
recommended.  Students will receive access to an electronic
Student Handbook after completion as recommended by
American Safety and Health Institute.  Certification takes place
upon successful completion of skills performance (a written
exam may be required by some employers whose participants
have a duty to respond.  Ask your employer if you need a written
test).  Certification period is 2 years.

Who:  Those who require or wish to acquire basic first aid
knowledge and skills with a focus on adults, children or both.  
This includes emergency response teams in business and
industry, school or public bus drivers, adult residential care
personnel, child care workers, teachers, parents, coaches, camp
counselors, foster care workers, and babysitters.

Where:  This course may be scheduled for our Woodbridge
location or brought to your place of business.

Typical Instruction Time:  

First Aid only: 2 hrs
Combined with CPR/AED: 3-3.5 hrs

Variations:  First Aid can be taught with required elements only
or may include supplemental topics for inclusion at client's
request or instructor's judgement.  May be combined with CPR
as well (see CPR section).

Modified Courses:  Modified first aid classes can be provided
for specialized groups depending on your specific needs.  For
example:  A scouting troop may request a class presenting
recognition and care of heat injuries, minor trauma, insect bites
and rashes prior to a summer camp.  These modified courses
cannot convey any certification if they do not present all required
course materials, but we may present a certification of