Medical Training for Educators
Medical Training Solutions
Virginia Teaching License Training Requirements:

Medical Training Solutions offers one of the easiest and most
affordable ways to meet the requirements of VA House Law 2028.
With permission from PWCS, we are pleased to offer an
exceptional opportunity to complete your CPR/AED & First Aid
training requirement.  

CPR/AED & First Aid Requirements:
Medical Training Solutions can come to your school location to
offer the training that you need at a price you can love.
CPR/AED & First Aid training that follows the Emergency
Cardiovascular Care Conference (ECCC) Guidelines and meets
the requirements of  VA House Law 2028.

Better than on-line training alone:
All training is done in one sitting that includes video, hands-on
practice with manikins, AED simulator, Epi—pens, & more.
This training is 2.5-3 hrs depending on the level of participation
and time desired for practice.  Certificate of training participation
is awarded upon completion.

Only $15/person for a "participation in training" certificate.

The full 2 year certification is available with additional training
and skills competency check-off required.  Contact us for pricing.

Training is provided by a Board Certified Emergency
Nurse/Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience in
healthcare (emergency & critical care) and with a public school
teaching background. Medical Training Solutions uses American
Safety & Health Institute curriculum.

We are available to come to your location after school for groups
of 10 or more.  If this training doesn't suit your schedule, call or
email for placement or to set up a class at our conference facility
(in Woodbridge) available for after school hours and weekends
upon request.

CPR-AED for the Community and Workplace

CPR-AED provides individuals with the basic knowledge and
skills necessary to provide effective basic life support in an

First Aid Courses

Properly applied first aid can save lives, reduce recovery time
and quite possibly mean the difference between temporary
disability or lifelong disability for the victim.

Basic First Aid program participants learn to recognize the signs
and symptoms of injuries and sudden illness. Crucial information
about how to deal with emergencies like bleeding, shock, burns,
strains, fractures, allergic reaction, diabetic and seizures is