Medical Training for Child Care
Medical Training Solutions
Programs who give medications to children are required by the
Code of Virginia to satisfactorily complete the Medication
Administration Training (MAT) course.  MTS offers MAT, PMAT,
Daily Health Observation training, together with the full range of
CPR and First Aid training required to certify your caregivers.  This
training is offered as individual courses, or as a bundle that will
meet your training requirements.

By bundling required training, MTS affords you the convenience of
"one-stop" training, minimizes your employees' time away from work,
and saves you money.  Please ask us about our "Child Care
Provider Package."

Medication Administration Training (MAT)

MAT is a competency-based course approved by the Board of
Nursing (BON) and Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS)
to train providers who work in child day programs to safely
administer medication to children.

The prerequisites for the MAT are:

        must be at least 18 years of age
        must have current certification in First Aid
        must have current certification in CPR

Premedication Administration Training (PMAT)

This abbreviated training may be offered to providers in child day
programs who do not routinely administer medications to children,
but who do supervise children who may need an emergency
injection of epinephrine using an auto-injector device (EpiPen)
and/or who may need to apply prescription topical creams and
ointments, e.g., prescription diaper ointment, etc.

The prerequisites for the PMAT are the same as for the MAT:

        must be at least 18 years of age
        must have current certification in First Aid
        must have current certification in CPR

First Aid Courses

Properly applied first aid can save lives, reduce recovery time and
quite possibly mean the difference between temporary or lifelong
disability for the victim.

Basic First Aid program participants learn to recognize the signs and
symptoms of injuries and sudden illness. Crucial information about
how to deal with emergencies like bleeding, shock, burns, strains,
fractures, allergic reaction, diabetic and seizures is shared.

CPR-AED for the Community and Workplace

CPR-AED provides individuals with the basic knowledge and skills
necessary to provide effective basic life support in an emergency.  
Includes infant and child CPR.

Health Screening

Health Screening or Daily Health Assessment is a short course for
child care providers.  Presentation and group learning activities are
geared to instruct and reinforce objectives as outlined in 22VAC15
30 310 6 of the VDSS Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers.  2
hrs continued education credits.  Meets OSHA requirements

Bloodborne Pathogen Training (Click Here)
2 hrs continued education credits.  Meets OSHA requirements