CPR/BLS/AED For Health Care Providers and Professional Rescuers
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Medical Training Solutions
Medical Training Solutions

Medical Training Solutions utilizes the most up to date
curriculum as recommended in the Emergency Cardiovascular
Care Conference
CPR for Professional Providers (Basic Life Support or BLS)
American Safety & Health Institute

Who:  This course meets the needs of health care providers,
first responders, and professional rescuers in and outside the
hospital or for those needing professional level basic life
support training as a job requirement.

Where:  This course may be scheduled at our Woodbridge
location or brought to your place of business.

About the Course:  The course includes some video and
power point presentations, but the emphasis is on the practical
skills and hands-on training.  Casual dress that allows freedom
of movement, bending, kneeling, sitting or standing is
recommended.  Students will get an electronic Student
Handbook as recommended by American Safety and Health
Institute as part of the training.  Certification takes place upon
successful completion of skills performance and passing grade
on the written exam.  Certification period is 2 years.

Typical Course Time:  Course time runs approximately 2-2.5
hours.  Renewals take less than the normal course time.